Tuesday, July 28, 2009

USA We Have A Problem

We have had some major developments since my last update.
Rasberry Crazy Ants are spreading at an alarming rate throughout the Houston gulf coast area. We are getting calls from all over the area. Although the USDA and TDA understand that they are a threat the environment and economy in the southern region of the U.S, they have not been very proactive in trying to provide a solution for this problem. At this time my understanding is that they have came up with $30,000 funding which is specifically for tracking of the ants.They have not funded any research on the biology or control, however we will know where they are. As a small company I have donated over $200,000 in my time for research on Rasberry Crazy Ants. It is past time to step up to the plate and do what these agencies were designed to do. My understanding is that one of their main functions is to try to protect us from invasive species of insects from other countries. Up until this time their position has been that they could not fund any research until the Rasberry Crazy Ants were proven to be an agricultural pest.
In the past we have proven that these ants are being transported in hay and being sold in plants, mulch, and other materials that unsuspecting consumers are purchasing at their local nurseries. These actions have been costing homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Then you take into account the cost to large and small chemical companies which has been in the millions of dollars, and you have an economic burden which will be very difficult if not impossible for most consumers to bare.
In the past few weeks we have obtained proof that Rasberry Crazy Ants are killing honey bees. A bee keeper south of Houston had over 100 honey bee hives that were destroyed last year. Honey bees are necessary to pollinate our crops.
Without these fragile insects we don't have food.
In my opinion these ants pose a clear and present danger to our way of life , and the time for real action was years ago. If we don't act now the consequences could be irreversible.

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