Monday, February 16, 2009

Rasberry Ants 2009

We are in to a new year and the Rasberry Crazy Ants are now confirmed in 11 counties. This is alarming, however it is not surprising. I have been warning everyone that this was going to happen for years now. This year the spread will probably be at a much greater rate. I would be surprised I we don't have reports of RCA s in Louisiana this year.

The Crazy Ant Task Force has not accomplished much since it was established, however there has been some potential progress in funding for research in the last month. TAMU has another grad student that will be working with them this year. This is very good news, however without funding the work will be limited.

Rasberry Crazy Ants seem to be making it through the winter this year better than they have done in the past. They have been found overwintering in the walls of houses this year. I have also seen large numbers of workers and brood this winter. This concerns me because if I am right this means that their numbers will increase extremely fast this spring.

Our company has become very good at suppressing Rasberry Crazy Ants, however a lot depends on the each situation. We are still in desperate need funding for research, and hopefully as they infest more homes and businesses more people will take the time to contact their state and federal representatives. If you think that you have RCA s please contact us and send in samples. Please freeze them first or put them in alcohol before sending them in.


  1. I have a large infestation of the Rasberry ants around my home. This will be the fourth year that they have been here. I live on the west side of Pearland, west of Cullen and on the south side of FM518.

    I would rather have the Fire Ants rather than these ants.
    wayne h.

  2. I have, what I have identified as an rasberry ant infestation in my CAR. This is the second summer my boyfriend and I have had them (since we moved into this apartment complex.) I've tried everything...They just seem to multiply....


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